Everyone who lives here belongs to the community – regardless of citizenship

Over 4.5 million residents of legal voting age in Germany have no right to vote in federal and communal elections. They do not have a German or EU passport and have been living and working here on the average for 16 years.
Since 1994 EU-nationals of legal voting age have the right to vote or run as candidate at local elections in all EU-member states, but in many states non-EU nationals still have no voting rights. We want to change this.
The right to participate in elections is a basic principle of every democratic state. Foreign citizen participation in elections promotes integration and expresses social and political equality. This is already common practice in 15 of 28 EU countries.
Anyone who is affected by political decisions should be involved in the decision-making process through voting rights. That’s how democracy works.

Our campaign

We are starting a campaign for political participation and equal voting rights in conjunction with the 2019 EU-elections and local elections in European states.
Through symbolic elections and other events, we raise awareness about voting rights.

We aim to motivate citizens with migration backgrounds to make use of their voting rights and invite residents who are not legally allowed to vote to cast a symbolic ballot in one of our polling stations. There, we will use the same election procedure as the official election. After the election, the ballots will be officially presented to our elected representatives.
Migrant councils and organizations in Europe have formed coalitions and networks, like the Netzwerk “wir wählen” in Germany or the collective “J’y suis, j’y vote” in France. Stop by and join us!


Act now and support the campaign

Vote symbolically for more participation

Take a stand and cast your ballot in our symbolic election or find out more at our information booths and events regarding voting rights.

Find events
Support us in your area

Support one of our partners in your area, hang up posters, or take part in an election event. Or simply contact a partner in your area.

Find community partner
Start a campaign in your area

If there is no partner in your area, you can get active yourself. Set up an information booth, organize events or put on symbolic elections in order to raise awareness. We can refer you to contact partners and send you material. Just contact us.

Download manual

Events and polling stations in Europe


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Initiatives in Europe

15 out of 28 EU-member states already practice voting rights for some or all „Third-Country-Nationals“.
In other EU- as non-EU-countries these initiatives are active:

the campaign “I live here, I vote here” is inspired by the network “we vote” in Germany,
supported by Citizens for Europe and realized by Freiburger Wahlkreis 100%.

We are happy to hear from you